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The Kord Edge

Cyber means more than just assessing vulnerabilities. Kord is helping to design and build secure communication systems, mobile and enterprise applications, and networks that are scalable, mobile and agile. These systems will enable the freedom of communication required for the integrated battlefield of the future.


Our Integrated Capabilities

  • Security Engineering
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Systems Architecture Development
  • Capability and Requirements Analysis
  • Wireless and Radio Frequency Specialization
  • Threat Analysis
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Software Development/ Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Command and Control
  • Assured Position, Navigation and Timing
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Our Major Efforts


Kord provides cybersecurity expertise focused on missile defense, tactical communication, weapon and enterprise systems. Our team provides proven experience in Risk Management Framework (RMF) and has a deep knowledge of the Assessment and Authorization (A&A) processes. We leverage our unique RMF toolset and process workflow to rapidly facilitate your mission, as evidenced by our achievement of the first Interim Authority to Test and RMF Authorization for a key U.S. Army organization ahead of schedule. Kord applies this cybersecurity expertise to the vulnerability analysis of threats and attacks against weapon systems to provide a methodology to measure risk. Kord provides cyber research and development support to ongoing programs that focus on integrating cyber from cradle to grave against potential cyberattacks.

Electronic Warfare

Kord engineers are in the critical design path of multiple multi-function Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Attack (EA) systems. We help derive requirements, develop system-level performance specifications, and support the full life-cycle from testing to fielding. Kord develops cyber EW modular threat technologies (Software Defined Radios, Field Programmable Gate Arrays, User Interfaces) and techniques to understand wireless cyber threats for testing of fielded “blue” U.S. weapon, defense and communication systems, addressing EW threat mitigation shortfalls in over-the-air technologies.

Assured Position, Navigation and Timing

Providing assured access to Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) data is one of the highest priorities of the U.S. military. Kord is operating at the forefront of this community, helping to develop and deliver prototype solutions that will provide our tactical communications and vehicle platform systems the ability to receive this vital PNT data while in a GPS-denied environment.

Big Data Analytics and Advanced Software Development

Kord develops complex modeling and simulation integrated frameworks for multiple defense programs that enable collection and analysis of large-scale test data. Our powerful visualization and analytical tools allow test engineers and decision-makers to quickly understand the results and move forward with technical designs. Kord’s unique software development and data analytical skills are being applied to system-of-systems network and application development, integrated air and missile defense systems, and large-scale portfolio optimization.

Our Accomplishments

  • Achieved Artifacts Development for a High High High CIA profile within seven weeks for submission for the Authority to Operate
  • Achieved first Army PEOC3T Authority to Operate
  • Cybersecurity and Risk Management Framework Leadership for Science and Technology Roadmap

Where We Are Going

From our first award-winning task, the establishment of the backup Command Control Center for the International Space Station (NASA Group Achievement Award), Kord has been at the forefront of developing solutions for space exploration. We continue to advance NASA’s mission by applying our skills and expertise to developing rockets for deep-space, manned exploration.

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We Make Working With Us Easy on You

  • Kord offers flexible contracting terms and options, ensuring that working with us is a smooth process.
  • Kord has multiple prime and subcontracting vehicles in place that make it easy to get to us.
  • We have significant experience with Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreements both as a prime and sub and are classified as a Non-Traditional Defense Contractor.
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