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Kord Leans Green

Kord Leans Green

Publish Date:
01 Dec 2018

At Kord’s Huntsville headquarters, we are putting our best foot forward to reduce waste, recycle, and promote sustainability and health in the workplace. Kord first adapted to these waste reduction principles upon moving into our new facility on Discovery Drive in 2017 by collecting empty aluminum cans and plastic bottles for recycling. With help from Kord volunteers, the collections are transported to facilities where they are recycled into usable materials.

Sarah Edrington Take Advantage of Kord’s Water Bottle Filling station

In 2018, new ELKAY filtered water bottle filling stations were installed throughout the facility to reduce plastic water bottle waste. Kord provided each employee with insulated, reusable drink tumblers as a thank you and to promote the usage of these stations. These additions have reduced the amount of plastic water bottle waste at Kord.

Sarah Edrington, one of Kord’s leaders for our green efforts, stated, “Kord hopes to set an example as an environmentally conscious company focused on the future and conducting business responsibly. We will continue to expand and refine our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.” Kord appreciates the efforts of Sarah, Zoie Hill, and Shelbi Lowe, among others, for their initiatives at our company to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Kord is an integrated defense and aerospace company creating results for our clients in a fast-changing world. Kord delivers an extensive portfolio of aerospace, cyber, defense technology, and integrated logistics and lifecycle solutions to Federal Government, civilian, and DoD clients across the United States. 

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