Logistics, Training, Operations

The Kord Edge

Performance, when and where it’s needed.

Fielding new equipment, planning and executing training, providing operational support, and sustaining readiness with logistical support are essential to combat ready forces and aerospace programs. Kord builds and leads teams of experienced, skilled, and motivated personnel who consistently deliver high performance in direct support of our customers’ missions - at all levels, on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.


Our Integrated Capabilities:

  • Supply Chain Management/ Assurance
  • Training & Training Solutions
  • Force Modernization Planning
  • New Equipment Fielding
  • Force Sustainment
  • Advisory & Technical Assistance
  • Operational Support
  • Equipment Procurement & Delivery
  • Parts Materials and Process (PMAP)

Our Major Efforts

Force Modernization, New Equipment Fielding, Advisory and Technical Assistance
Kord provides force modernization and portfolio management services for the US Army and Coast Guard rotary wing aviation fleets by planning and executing new equipment training associated with modernization activities. We provide advisory and technical assistance support to sustain force readiness for the Army’s active and National Guard Aviation force. Kord leads implementation of the Holistic Aviation Assessment Task Force, National Commission on the Future of the Army (NCFA), and the Aviation Restructure Initiative which are in the critical path to synchronize and modernize the US Army’s aviation fleet in support of future missions.

Kord develops, plans, and delivers aviation training in support of DoD and DHS flight training programs. Our Instructor Pilots develop and refine training, provide classroom instruction in airframe academics and crew procedures for pilot proficiency, transition, and re-qualification courses in mission requirements such as night vision goggle flight, search and rescue, hoist and cargo hook operations, and support a wide variety of other specialty training requirements. Kord instructors also schedule and execute training in Government aircraft and aircraft simulators, ranging from instrument flight and emergency procedures to flight management system operations.

Improved Turbine Engine & Future Vertical Lift
The Improved Turbine Engine and Future Vertical Lift (ITE/FVL) Project Office is an initiative to develop a family of helicopters for the United States Armed Forces and an Improved Turbine Engine for UH/HH-60 Black Hawk and AH-64 Apache fleets. Kord provides Programmatic Support to the ITE/FVL Project Office, assisting them in identifying requirements, developing budgets, assessing industry capabilities, and coordinating activities that will lead to a new turbine engine and eventually, a new vertical lift capability for DoD and other federal agencies.

Aviation Logistics
Kord leverages its aviation logistics subject matter experts to develop and refine resourcing strategies and implement timely solutions for acquisition challenges in support of aviation requirements. Experienced in navigating various aviation maintenance programs and acquisition systems, we analyze data to identify potential impacts to operational and strategic readiness. Our aviation logistics capabilities extend to airfield operations/management, base operations services, fuel management, ground support, security, airfield facility maintenance, airfield operational plan oversight, and flight planning.

Where We Are Going

Kord understands that regardless of what new weapon systems are developed and deployed or the nature of the threat, the basic requirements of training, logistics, and operational support are the key activities that sustain our combat forces’ ability to succeed on the battlefield today and tomorrow. As threats evolve, Kord’s focus in supporting those who protect our nation is to offer smart, integrated training, logistics, and operations support solutions that sustain their ability to succeed. This includes expanding our capability to support traditional military, homeland defense, and foreign military sales activities.

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