Kord Announces Key Role in US Army’s Next-Generation Radar (October 2019)

Huntsville-based Kord supporting Raytheon with their next-generation 360-degree capable radar.

HUNTSVILLE, AL, Nov. 6, 2019 – Kord, a Centauri company, today announced its key role on the Raytheon-led team that was recently selected to provide the US Army with their next-generation 360-degree capable radar – the Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS). The team will receive more than $384 million to deliver six production representative units of the advanced LTAMDS radar under an Other Transactional Authority (OTA) U.S. Army agreement, which is used to rapidly fund the production of prototypes.

“Our collective companies, led by Raytheon, are uniquely positioned to develop LTAMDS – a new, innovative radar that will serve the Army for decades to come,” said Tom Young, President of Kord. “Kord is helping Raytheon provide the Army a next-generation radar, at an affordable price, and fielded as quickly as possible.”

Developed to defeat advanced threats, Raytheon’s LTAMDS design features cutting-edge radar technology including Raytheon-manufactured Gallium Nitride, a substance that strengthens the radar signal and enhances its sensitivity. LTAMDS is scheduled to reach initial operational capability with the U.S. Army in 2022 and leverages a diverse team of suppliers across 35 states. Kord is responsible for optimizing and testing integrated defense architectures for Raytheon’s LTAMDS solution.

“The dedication to providing high-quality technology has made the local businesses in the Huntsville community a natural partner for Raytheon,” said Young. “Huntsville has a long history of innovation and ingenuity. We’re proud to be a part of the community that is continuing that legacy.”

About Kord:

Kord, a non-traditional defense contractor, is an integrated defense and aerospace company creating results for our clients in a fast-changing world. Kord delivers an extensive portfolio of directed energy, missile defense, space, cyber, and defense technology to Federal Government customers across the United States.

About Centauri:

Centauri is a high-end engineering, intelligence, cybersecurity and advanced technology solutions company headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia with offices Nationwide. We work with our customers in the intelligence and national security communities, helping them solve their most difficult challenges. Our agile, mission-first approach empowers our advanced technical and operational teams to meet the real-time demands and high-impact missions of national defense agencies across land, air, sea space and cyberspace.

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