Kord Breaks Ground on Lab Development and Facility Expansion


Kord Technologies is pleased to announce a facilities expansion of its headquarters in Huntsville, AL. This development includes new office spaces and a prototyping laboratory that will provide space and capability to do hands-on composite and material work and manufacture of full prototype and test components.
The lab model draws inspiration from the flow of classic composite fabrication with areas for wet chemistry, hand layup and modification, parts inspection, and thermal treatment. The lab is not limited to composite fabrication, but has been carefully designed with planned flexibility to accommodate future work using mobile workstations that will allow rapid reconfiguration of the workspace to support fabrication of larger assemblies or other work. The lab will also be equipped with certified areas to provide safe and proper chemical storage as well as a wet chemistry area for resin mixing and transferring.
Initial equipment procurement is underway. Kord has recently taken delivery of fume extraction equipment and a FARO EDGE metrology system for parts inspection. Future purchases will include a heated platen press, a composite batch oven for curing of composites and a filament winder for wound fiber composite fabrication. Laboratory and office space construction and facilities expansion is ongoing. The lab is expected to be fully operational by early 2018.