Kord Establishes a State-of-the-Art Engineering Prototype Center

After months in development, Kord completed their Engineering Prototype Center in September 2018 at the company’s Huntsville headquarters. This 2100 square foot, in-house composite fabrication laboratory, is a critical element in our rapid design and prototype fabrication of mission-unique components for prime contractor and government customers.  As prime contractor for the Army, Kord is designing, analyzing, characterizing and fabricating novel prototype composite rocket motors, insulators, composite hydro-burst test bottles, and material samples.

Sarah Edrington performs analysis of advanced resins for composites in support of long-range flight missiles

The major goal of this effort is to characterize the combination of new advanced fibers and resin formulations and Kord-developed low-cost manufacturing techniques to illustrate the cost and performance advantages for future missile applications.  The Engineering Prototype Center is outfitted with an Entec 2 axis 3’x22’ filament winder and a Wisconsin 4’x5’x12’ rotisserie gas curing oven which allows Kord to fabricate and cure composite rocket motors, airframes, and launch tubes in house.  A 75-ton 24”x 24” heated platen hydraulic press supports novel high-pressure resin infusion and molding techniques for prototype rocket nozzles and airframe components.  A portable Faro laser coordinate measurement system allows us to accurately measure as-built composite components to ensure that they meet design dimensional requirements.  The Faro device, coupled with our 3-D solid modeling capability and a dedicated inspection surface table and high-powered optical microscope, allows for detailed inspection of composite components. 

Steve Cornelius, Kord vice president, stated, “Our Engineering Prototype Center is an extremely valuable asset for Kord and our customers. It allows us to quickly and efficiently develop prototypes for missile system applications in support of our warfighters.”