Accountant, Artist, Creator – Laurie Payton

Meet Laurie Payton, Kord Accountant.

To Kord employees, Laurie is one of the most important members of our business operations staff. In addition to her other responsibilities, she’s the one that makes sure that they are paid accurately and on time for their support to their customers and their company.

“You couldn’t ask for a more solid and dedicated employee than Laurie,” said Chris Brunhoeber, Kord’s Chief Financial Officer. “Her work is always accurate, and she is always looking for ways to improve our business operations processes to better serve our employees and business partners.”

Laurie earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Northern Colorado and an Accounting Certificate from the University of Alabama-Huntsville. And, she is just two semesters away form earning her MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Prior to joining Kord in 2014 Laurie held accounting, tax preparation, payroll and management positions for a variety of Huntsville accounting firms, government contractors, and a restaurant. She also worked for the IRS for three years in Anchorage, Alaska where she was responsible for collecting delinquent taxes (in person, at their homes and businesses) from individuals and corporations – understandably a sometimes-dangerous endeavor.  Laurie also volunteered her time to prepare tax returns for low-income and elderly individuals through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.

Ryan and His Art

Laurie and her husband Ronnie, whom she met in Anchorage while he was serving in the Air Force, will celebrate their 32nd anniversary this year. Ronnie is a 26-year employee of Adtran and is currently a functional test supervisor.  Laurie and Ronnie have two wonderful sons – Raleigh and Ryan. Raleigh was recently accepted into medical school and will marry his fiancé Sarah in July. Their son Ryan, who is autistic, is an artist and Special Olympian and is a welcomed guest at Kord every Friday. Laurie and Ryan participate in the Unified Special Olympics on a bowling team – both are good bowlers, but Ryan is clearly the most talented with an average 190-point score. Laurie and Ryan are looking forward to competing in the ‘March Nationals’ in Las Vegas.

“I love working with our employees and customers to make sure that any concerns are quickly addressed and resolved”, said Laurie. “And, I really appreciate Kord’s willingness and flexibility to accommodate my family’s unique situation.”

Laurie and Ryan enjoying Kord’s Tate Farms Event

Laurie is something of a Renaissance woman, pursuing a wide range of interests in her rare spare time.  She is an accomplished artist across several mediums including oils and acrylics.  Her ‘paint pour’ canvases brighten-up several Kord offices and public areas, and she has been commissioned to paint custom artwork for other individuals and companies. Her interests are not limited to the visual arts. She creates custom jewelry for friends and family. She knits and quilts and has written a children’s book. She recently did indoor skydiving in Atlanta and plans on pursuing outdoor skydiving soon.